Jean Pool

Kasil Jeans Jeans, Jeans Everywhere!

But mirror, mirror on the wall which pair makes me the fairest of them all, is it Sevens or Citizen’s or Joe’s! Alas the answer is, a new brand called Kasil (pronounced, castle).

Kasil jeans are created by David Lim and the fit is absolutely amazing! But the thing that completely sets them apart from all the other designer denim brands out there is that they do not stretch out and give you the dreaded “diaper butt” (where your jeans have gotten saggy around the bottom, not a pleasant look you can imagine). They maintain their great fit all day because they are made from the best denim from the US, Italy and Japan, no cheap imitation denim pretending to be high-end. The cut of the leg on each pair makes my legs look long and lean and the trousers are devastatingly sophisticated and chic. They range in price from $180-$220, but worth every penny!

Check them out at or buy them at

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  1. for the latest kasil news also go to

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