Sun Kissed…I Wish


Having blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin, the sun is not a friend! 20 minutes outside and I look like a lobster, a freckly lobster at that – not pretty. I will never have the look of a bronze goddess, so I am forced to use sunless tanners and I have used them all. I am all too familiar with the various brands, the benefits of sprays versus lotions and the best exfoliators to use before applying sunless tanning products.

Needless to say when a friend of mine came sashaying into my house the other day looking as if she had just returned from St. Bart’s I had to ask how she looked so tan. Her answer was, she just found the best sunless tanner, L’OREAL’s Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes.

I immediately rushed out to my local Target store and zeroed in on my own pack of Self-Tanning Towelettes. I eagerly tore open the package and began following the instructions and fell in love. The towelettes were just damp enough to deposit the sunless tanning chemicals and they lasted as I did my whole body and the greatest thing about them was that my skin dried very quickly. If you have ever used the lotions or sprays you know you end up waiting to get dressed forever and usually end up feeling sticky all day. The L’OREAL towelettes left my skin feeling smooth and not sticky and they also left a nice subtle clean smell, not the weird sunless tanning smell you usually get with other products.

Within a few hours I had a beautiful bronze tan, subtle and natural looking. It was also very even without streaks. So far my tan has lasted a good five days, much better than other tanners I have used. For a brief moment I too looked like I was sun-kissed, no one has to know it was thanks to L’OREAL Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes and not Mother Nature.

Available at your local Target store or on-line at

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