Tip Top

I am in love with the new website, www.toptipsforgirls.com.

This dream website is full of great tips (3,343 tips and counting) that range in topics from dating, cleaning, fashion, career, technology and everything in between. This practical and speedy resource was created by journalist Kate Reardon. They describe it on the website as “an ever-expanding bible of genuine advice, combining modern tips with the remembered fragments of our grandmother’s wisdom.”

They have a wide variety of categories you can check out including, Top Tip of the Day, Top 10 Tips, Ask a Tipster, Submit a Question or a Tip. You can also search for tips, just type in your heart’s most burning desire, such as “how to make a manicure last”, and voila – you get great tips on just that subject. They also have a Celebrity Tip of the Week, which was by Jo Malone (world renowned perfume maker) this week on the subject of “how to stop airplane skin” Thanks Jo, great advice!

The depth and breadth of this website is astounding! Just a few of the current topics being discussed (which change all the time) were, “how to stop smoking”, “how to have good posture”, “how to check if pearls are real” and “what is the best dumping line”. So next time you can not get a hold of your mom or best friend to get an answer to your most pressing question just ask the girls at http://www.toptipsforgirls.com

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