Green Piece – Eco Friendly Fashion Part 1

All this talk about global warming and “going green” has got me thinking that I need to re-examine how I can be more eco-friendly. I wondered could I still be fashionable and a friend of the environment? To answer this question I embarked on a “green” fashion excavation and found that yes I (and you too) can be fashion forward and “go green”!

My first find is Thea Grant jewelry, which is theatrical, sculptural and spectacular! Designed by Brooklyn native Thea Grant with help from her husband Nicolas Bazzani, they help give back to the environment by using vintage objects, fobs, curios and charms that they find around New York and then recycle into gorgeous wearable art. Their materials range from vintage brass to sterling to gold, according to their website Thea Grant jewelry is quirky and whimsical and extremely unique. Throw one of these necklaces on with a basic black tee, dark blue straight leg jeans and a great pair of stilettos and you will be a friend of the environment while looking radiant! Stay tuned for more eco-friendly fashion finds. Sold at Barney’s and Check out Thea Grant’s website for more store locations.




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2 responses to “Green Piece – Eco Friendly Fashion Part 1

  1. Ooo, I love jewelry (who doesn’t, right?). Thanks for the info and I just wrote a post about being “green”! It’s cool that you support the cause, too.

  2. Allie

    I love this… oh no, you have started something!!!

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