Smooth Things Over

Don’t you just hate it when you get dressed and think you look great until you look at your back and see your bra line or worse yet, the dreaded bulge of back fat? Have no fear, there is a solution (besides lifting weights and doing push-ups). Cass and Co has created the “perfect undergarment” that smoothes every bra line, bump and bulge all the while looking completely natural under all types of clothing.

The key to this revolutionary undergarment is, Invisupport – a fabric that is strategically knitted to be soft, supportive, breathable, seamless and invisible under clothing. Cass and Co whips up this amazing fabric into a variety of styles, such as the v-neck, scoop neck, cami, strapless and the cami slip (which is a must have to be worn with all the dresses this season) and they range in price from $72-$128 (I know they are a little pricey but they really are miracle workers!). They lift, enhance, slim and provide a lineless back. You can buy them at the Cass and Co website, and

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