DesignHer Gals – How To Create the Coolest Stationary and Invitations

As a young fashionista I loved to play dress up, creating my own outfits. I loved trying out new looks to see which one was the best. Needless to say when I stumbled upon the Design-Her Gals website I was absolutely giddy and a bit nostalgic. I am also a little embarrassed to say I spent quite a few hours creating new gals and posting them on pretend invites and notecards.

Well, I am getting a bit ahead of myself, this website allows you to create your own character gal, you pick her body type, eye color, hair color and style and then you pick her outfit and accessories and let me tell you the choices are very fashionable and hip. Then once you have created your gal you can place her on a wide variety of stationary items (notecards, invitations, business cards, stickers) and items like t-shirts and mugs.

You can then order these products to be printed and shipped to you or you can print many of them from home on your own printer! It is so much fun, you will be looking for any chance to throw a party and make a cool invitation or creating your own notecards. Check it at Check out a few of these samples.

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