Shoe Tax

So, the tax day has come and gone and hopefully you paid your taxes like a good citizen and now it is time to treat yourself! I know you were thinking ice cream (or maybe that was just me) but alas there is something that gets me more excited then a good sit down with Ben and Jerry and that is shoes. So here are two of my favorites so far this season (the list is expansive, I will show you more shoes in later blogs). Treat yourself, you deserve it and save Ben and Jerry for when you really need some cheering up!

The Clotheshorse Shoe Pick For Those Poor Soles (corny wordplay, sorry couldn’t resist) Who Had To Owe More Money On Their Taxes: These super cute tie around the ankle sandals from Nine West are very “of the moment” with their black and white print fabric and red trim. They will surely add a bit of snazzy to your closet and priced at $99 they will be a little easier on your pocketbook. Available at

The Clotheshorse Shoe Pick For Those Lucky Soles (I know how to spell, but I am being silly again) Who Got A Tax Refund: Spoil yourself and splurge on these gorgeous Manolo Blahnik Leopard D’Orsay pumps. Animal print is hot for spring and I prefer it on shoes. I love how ladylike but also vampy these shoes are, they can be worn sophisticated and sexy. You don’t even want to know the price, but you are worth it! They are definitely splurge worthy! Available

Happy Shoe Shopping!



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2 responses to “Shoe Tax

  1. dianabobar

    so we agree on the animal print trend, don’t we? 🙂 hey, we could blogroll eachother. i don’t know if it woud help increase page views, but we can try:)
    fashion rulz!

  2. dianabobar

    Here is how I wore my golden tracksuit/leggings:

    disco fever anyone?
    have fun!

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