Snug as a Bug in a … Hoody?

Move over Juicy Couture there is a new hoody on the backs of the celebrity jet set! Add Rails Clothing to the list of must haves. Rails Clothing uses narrower cuts, high quality fabrics and unique lines, the collection draws on influences from surf culture to international travel to metropolitan living and you won’t find juicy written on the booty of any pants.

Rails Clothing has created the Corado Hoody that is made of extra thick soft cotton with unfinished edges and a slim, narrow fit that is extremely comfortable and flattering. Add the matching sweatpants and you will be as snug as a bug in a comfy, chic outfit!

It has been sported and photographed on celebs like Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Adrian Grenier (Entourage hottie) and Matthew McConaughey. It can be sported and photographed on you by shopping at and

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One response to “Snug as a Bug in a … Hoody?

  1. dianabobar

    Here is a post about Romanian issues regarding fashion & personal style (and my Cory Kennedy inspired outfit).

    You probably don’t know much about Romania, well, it’s never too late to learn:)
    Have a great day, hugs&kisses,

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