It Had Me At Hello

The first moment I laid my big blue eyes on a Bliss Lau purse, I felt a little like Renee Zellweger in Jerry Maguire when she told Tom Cruise (before he went off the deep end) that he had her at hello, it was love at first sight and then I felt the buttery soft leather it was made of and I melted. (Okay, it was not quite that dramatic but I am allowed to take artistic liberties from time to time.)

One of my employees that worked at my store, who has some of the best fashion sense I have ever seen, introduced me to Bliss Lau handbags and I have been a huge fan ever since. Bliss Lau started her company at the age of 22 and her bags are modern and innovative because she creates each bag by hand, making a soft sample first and then creates the pattern and sews it all herself. She draws her inspiration from nature and architecture. One of her newest bags is inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge, this bag hangs from the shoulder by three antique brass cables that eases the weight of its contents and creates the perfect balance.

Bliss Lau bags are also made of buttery soft, yet durable, leather that is comfortable against the body and wears well. She only uses brass hardware and changes the plating color each season to create a unique bag. Each purse is extremely creative and unique and owning one is pure bliss!

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