White About Now

White is smoking hot for spring and summer and this season it is all about the LWD (little white dress) as opposed to the LBD (little black dress). White looks crisp and refreshing and will keep you cool when the sun beats down.

Look for fun, summery white dresses that have hip details such as flowers, embroidery, lace and eyelet, that make them look more flirty and not so weddingy. Remember, only a bride should be wearing white at a wedding, so wear your white dress to anything and everything but a wedding.

These white dresses by Rebecca Taylor are some of the most beautiful I have seen and are a good place to start as you search for your own LWD. Rebecca Taylor’s feminine and sexy designs and an eye for detail truly reflects her understanding of how to make a girl feel pretty and season after season she makes spectacular clothing. Check it out at www.neimanmarcus.com and www.activeendeavors.com and www.rebeccataylor.com.





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2 responses to “White About Now

  1. i love wearing black because it’s slimming and hides stains like no other colour, but lately i have a weakness for things white. love the dresses, especially the strapless and bell-sleeved ones.

  2. Oh how I love Rebecca Taylor! Thank you for your message you have a Great Blog as well!! Thanks for checking mine out and I will continue to visit yours. I second all your fav shopping sites!


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