That’s A Wrap

As many of you know, from my Tee-licious post, I love Lilla P t-shirts and one of the most worn staples in my closet is the Lilla P Origami Wrap. The Origami Wrap put Lilla P on the map and established it as a must have brand, plus it didn’t hurt that Renee Zellweger was spotted wearing it.

Why you ask is it so great? Well, first of all it is made of super soft, tissue weight, gauzy cotton that wraps you in comfort and is perfect for all seasons. Second it is so versatile you can wear it in countless ways and with countless outfits. It can create the whole outfit or it can add coverage and warmth to a strapless dress.

The Origami Wrap is the perfect item to chase away the chill from over air conditioned buildings or airplanes. It is the perfect travel item, easy to pack and easy to wear. This is one item that will never give you buyer’s remorse and will be reached for time and time again. Available at


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3 responses to “That’s A Wrap

  1. There is nothing more flattering than a wrap top. Love it!

  2. Interested shopper

    HI. Does a anyone know where i can purchase this wrap or something similar in white or black?

  3. clotheshorseok

    You can buy these wraps at

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