It’s All In The Wrist

I seem to recall hearing, “It’s all in the wrist” when I unsuccessfully tried out for my school’s tennis team and was relegated to doing track as my spring sport, which essentially meant walking around the big track gossiping, because I was no tennis player and certainly no runner, my sports of choice were shopping and horseback riding.

However, one of this season’s hottest jewelry trends brought; “It’s all in the wrist”; echoing back into my ears and yes it is indeed all about the wrist and decorating this erogenous zone with bangle bracelets. Get layered this season with all kinds of bracelets, mix chunky with dainty, glittery with wood, and pile on lots of thin metal bangles. You can wear them on one wrist, both wrists or be daring and wear a thick metal bangle around your arm above your elbow (this looks especially good with a strapless ethnic print dress and wedge heels). Bangles and bracelets can be found everywhere and at pretty much any price range so have fun and add a few to your treasure chest of jewelry.

I especially love these glittery bangles by Nur, they look very art deco but still very modern and will spice up any outfit. Celebs are also singing their praises, Kirsten Dunst bought three of these handmade bracelets and are perfect for piling on and wearing in multiples. Available at

When I saw these animal bangle bracelets by Kenneth Jay Lane, I couldn’t help but smile, they are whimsical, kitschy and girlie but totally hot and will induce all day smiling when you look down and seen one snuggled around your wrist, perfect for any animal lover. Available at and (they have a huge selection of Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry and if you have never visited this website, well let’s just say it is a trip).


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