Stylist Essentials

Every fashionista needs a few essentials to keep her and her wardrobe in tip top shape. No matter how graceful or how careful I may be when I eat or drink it, I will still occasionally spill something on my clothes and usually when I am wearing something I love that can not be replaced. When this happens I instantly reach for my Madame Paulette Professional Stain Remover Kit. It is an absolute must have if you own clothing! Madame Paulette is one of the best and well known dry cleaners in New York and it is where they clean and repair priceless pieces of couture as well as every day clothing. They are the supreme experts in stain removal and garment care.

Their stain removal kit contains three formulas that specifically target the three primary stain groups, formula one is used on Earth based stains (fruit, teas, soda), formula two is used on protein stains (milk, dairy products) and formula three is used on oil based stains (vegetable oil, salad dressing, mayonnaise, grease). Each formula is conveniently packaged and guarantees excellent results, they are also purse-friendly so you can use them on the go! Available at

Have you ever shimmied into that perfect black dress only to look down and see those awful white streaks caused from your deodorant, well all you have to do is reach for your Gal Pal. You simply take one of the Gal Pal sponges and wipe it gently with the grain of the fabric and buff away the deodorant marks. Take it from someone who uses it on a regular basis, these sponges really work. I first stumbled on to them when I owned my store and we had many garments come out of the dressing room with deodorant marks and had to find away to remove them and not damage the garment. I tried a few different products and Gal Pal worked the absolute best. Available at


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