Long Story Short

Much to my chagrin shorts, of all lengths, are back again and it is one fashion trend that takes a bit of navigating to get the look right (just like skinny jeans), they can either make you look great or they can make you look well, to be quite honest, dreadful! Luckily, designers have given us quite a few options in length so everyone can find the right pair to wear as the temperature starts rising.

Okay ladies, it its time to let your legs do the talking. First things first, any age woman can wear shorts, it is just a matter of length. The mini-short should be reserved for those young girls with long, lean legs and models on the runway, so unless you were blessed with long, lean legs, look for lengths that are in the mid-thigh to above the knee style. The most flattering length is the bermuda short which hits just above the knee and can make your legs look long and lean and can also be worn dressy with wedges or heels or casual with flip flops or jack purcells. Flat front styles are also universally flattering, try to avoid pleats.

Keep in mind that dark colors, pinstripes and a looser fit can help camouflage curvier hips and if you have broad shoulders look for a pair that is cut fuller at the hem to keep you looking in balance and not emphasize your shoulders. Taller women should look for short styles that cover the knee while women of average height should consider shorts just above the knee. I also advise against super-tight, skinny shorts because they can make you look like you have sausage thighs, never pretty, just try and let the fabric skim over your thighs.

Before you try this trickiest of trends, plan to spend a fair amount of time scouting out and trying on the various styles, lengths and fits available and take your most honest friend shopping with you. Keep in mind that if you are not comfortable in a particular pair of shorts just keep shopping, you will eventually find the right pair.

Long story short, shorts are the “big idea” for summer so it is time to admit defeat, (i am just being melodramatic), buff, shave and tan those legs and put your best leg…I mean foot forward and embrace this trend.

I became a “short wearing convert” when I first slipped on a pair of Vince bermuda shorts, their fit and fabric is amazing, and quite frankly I love everything Vince has ever made, so I suggest trying their shorts on as you begin your journey, available at www.saksfifthavenue.com and www.bloomingdales.com. Check out the short selection at www.gap.com and www.jcrew.com. Happy Shopping!



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2 responses to “Long Story Short

  1. I will let this cup pass from me. I have great legs, but it is the insects I have trouble with. 🙂
    ~Mix Maven~ AKA Apple Diva

  2. clotheshorseok

    Ha Ha! I am with you there, try Avon Skin So Soft Lotion, it helps repel bugs and keeps your legs smooth!

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