The Essential Ten, Part Two

The list of ten essential things needed to build a great wardrobe continued…and without further ado:

6. Great Fitting Jeans: Denim has become such a huge part of fashion and it is essential you have at least one pair of jeans that fit well and you love. Take some time to try on a bunch of styles and brands until you find the pair that works the best. Remember that jeans can be and probably should be tailored, you can have the waist taken in and the legs hemmed to the proper length, most tailors can even put the jean hem back in and they will look like they have never been altered. Check out to find designer jeans that match your shape and measurements. My favorite jean brands are Joe’s Jeans (they have distinct styles that fit different body types) and Kasil Jeans (they fit well and are made of superior denim, that does not stretch out) and Gap’s Long and Lean Jeans (they are slimming and give the illusion of long legs and only cost $58).

7. Black Sweater: A basic black sweater in cashmere will come in handy when the temperature cools. Pick a style that is flattering on you, I recommend a turtleneck, crew neck or v-neck with a classic style and fit. Vince is one of the best sweater companies around and their cashmere is so soft and is available at Neiman Marcus. You can find a basic black sweater anywhere! Check out to get great deals on classic designer sweaters.

8. Little Black Dress: an absolute essential because you never know when you may have a party come up out of the blue. I recommend something classic and simple that you can change the look of with different accessories. Check out the classic dress selection at J.Crew and whenever you are shopping keep an eye out for a little black dress, you may not need it at the moment, but if you find one you like it is worth buying and hanging on to. You never know when Leonardo DiCaprio could call and invite you for drinks in a moment’s notice and you have a great dress waiting, for just this occasion (a girl can dream!).

9. Black Knee-High Boots and Basic Black Heels: If you could only have two pair of shoes, choose black boots and black heels because you can wear them with every outfit and for every occasion. As with the black pants, I suggest buying the most expensive pair you can afford so they will last you forever. Keep them simple and classic so they will stay in fashion season after season. Check out to search for black heels and boots.

10. Bra that fits: 85% of American women are wearing the wrong size bra and it is important to get fitted for the proper size bra and also find the style that makes the most of “the girls” while also flattering your figure. A correct fitting bra can make you look slimmer and improve your posture, thus improving how you look in all your clothes. You can not go wrong with the “Oprah Bra” (she made it famous), Le Mystere “Tisha 955” T-Shirt bra, it looks great under all tops! Click here for more bra fitting tips.

Well, there you have it, the ten things that can help you build a stylish, classic and versatile wardrobe. Of course there are so many other items that can be added to this list, so let me know what your wardrobe essentials are and if I have over-looked any essential must haves!




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5 responses to “The Essential Ten, Part Two

  1. artfuldodger

    Great list, I love it! Totally agree that these are must-haves in any woman’s wardrobe. My additions would be:
    – a great coat (if you live in a cold place like me, go for a quality black wool/cashmere coat)

    – a great bag, maybe black leather, because it can go with anything. No logos, just simple and chic.

    AD 🙂

  2. clotheshorseok

    A great coat and bag are absolute must haves! Thank You!

  3. cornerseat

    i couldn’t agree more with the bra that fits. women could actually shave off years from their looks by wearing a bra that holds up well…

    do you think you could also come up with a list of must-have accessories?

  4. clotheshorseok

    I have been thinking of doing a list of must have accessories, there are definitely a few basic pieces that are needed to build a well rounded wardrobe!

  5. great advice, interesting article, and nice presentation… do you want my job (just kidding)… good point about the right bra too…
    the jeans guru,
    my Designer Jeans
    ( at good prices too. )

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