J’adore faire du shopping.

French women have a certain “je ne sais quois”, when it comes to fashion. They always seem to look so modern, stylish and pulled together, as if they were born knowing how to look polished. They make it look so facile, as if they did not even try to look so amazing. But that is all about to change because you too can have that beautiful Franco style, thanks to the launch of www.noisettenyc.com.

Noisette, (which means hazelnut in french), is a website that is devoted entirely to great, indie french labels. Noisette’s owner Stephanie Deleau has stocked her Brooklyn store and website with feminine, exquisitely detailed pieces at really affordable prices, c’est tres bien. Noisette will give other shopping websites a run for their euro. Check it at www.noisettenyc.com.


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3 responses to “J’adore faire du shopping.

  1. Ooh, j’adore that adorable Bardot Paper Doll they have on their cover page. What an awesome find this store is! Way to go!

  2. I love that little jacket. Can’t wait to check out their site.

  3. I love the jacket and the taupe polka-dot dress. The French do know how to dress bien! ~Mix Maven~

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