Get Layered

Layering is essential to fashion and can be a whole lot easier with the perfect cami and I believe I have found “the perfect cami”. I know I already mentioned it in my post The Essential Ten, Part One, but it is so amazing it is worth mentioning here and now in depth, after I have worn mine a few times and have fallen completely in love with.

Up until now, layering with camis can be a pain, most camis come with that built in shelf bra that, lets just admit it, is completely worthless. It does not support anything bigger than a B cup and it smashes “the girls” together and makes it look like you have a una-boob (not a good look). So I always avoided those camis, since I had to wear a bra with them anyway and looked for camis minus the worthless shelf bra (which are hard to come by).

But that has all changed with the discovery of the “Perfect Fit Cami” by Norm Thompson. These camis actually have a built in underwire bra that provides great support, looks amazing on and is also extremely comfortable. You can wear it by itself without the worry of your bra straps peeking out (you don’t need a bra with it) or it is comfortable to layer under anything!

The “Perfect Fit Cami” comes in cotton or microfiber and you can get it in full coverage or regular coverage, based on how much skin you want to show. It is sized by bra size and I ordered my exact bra size (according to other bras I wear) and it fits perfectly. The “Perfect Fit Cami” has adjustable straps and comes in a rainbow of colors.

The cotton camis are $32 and if you buy two they are $29 each and the microfiber camis are $39 and if you buy two they are $36 each. Once you buy and wear one you will want to get it in every color. Go ahead get layered this summer! Available at


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3 responses to “Get Layered

  1. Amy

    The cami on the right looks like it might have a higher neck than most camis. Do you happen to know if it really is a high as it looks?

  2. Amy

    Sorry, I skipped the words “full coverage.”

  3. artfuldodger

    Your blog is one of my faves! you have been tagged by the Artful Dodger! 🙂

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