Red Hot

Just as summer temperatures are reaching a boiling point, stores are putting their summer merchandise on sale to make room for the new fall merchandise. I never really understood this, even when I owned my store, they expect us to sell sweaters when it is 100 degrees and reversely sell tank tops when it is snowing. But it does make for some great deals on buy now, wear now sale merchandise!

Even though it is too hot to wear, or even buy the new fall merchandise, I can’t help but take a sneak peek. I was instantly drawn to the new arrival section of shoes on Neiman Marcus’ web site and let me tell you, the shoes for fall are going to be hard on my pocketbook!

I am particularly in love with this red suede pair from Marc Jacobs, sweet and sexy, wouldn’t they look great in the fall with a pair of panty hose with the line that runs up the back of the leg!? I am trying to justify why I need them right now, I do have a wedding to go to in August (is that too early for suede?) Check them out and many more drool-worthy shoes at


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4 responses to “Red Hot

  1. I think you will devastate if you go with this beautiful shoe.

    The red with black is completely perfect…

    by the way, I loved your blog and. i added it. if you did the same with my I’ll be very greatful.


  2. ok, thanks for the answer….

  3. Those shoes are so cute, and slightly naughty.

  4. There’s a cheap knock-off of these shoes floating around. My friend Mags got them for less than $30 – I’ll see if she can tell me where.

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