Cheap Trick

I love polo tees, especially in the summer. They are my casual “go to” staple that I wear all summer. Call me crazy, but no matter how much I love high fashion, cutting edge fashion and contemporary clothing, I will always be a little bit preppy. I blame it on my attending a private prep school and having to wear a uniform (think white button down and plaid pleated skirt).

Needless to say, I have tried on every polo there is from high-end to inexpensive, Ralph Lauren (the length is a bit short, but is a great polo), Lacoste (not crazy about the fit and often too short in length), J.Crew (good polo, but the collar gets a little floppy after washing) and Target’s Mossimo brand. The Target Mossimo polo is my favorite and at a whopping $9.99 it is a great fashion cheap trick!

It has a great slim fit, good length of sleeves, nice collar that stands up, comfortable, soft fabric and washes up really well. After a few wearings and washings the collar is not floppy, the fit is still perfect and the color has not faded.

So if you are a little bit preppy, add a few of these Target Mossimo polos to your closet and you will have some extra cash left over for those more extravagant clothing purchases! Available at your local Target store or online at

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