Shades of Summer

The history of sunglasses dates back to ancient China and Rome. Roman Emperor Nero (the first sunglass trendsetter) apparently enjoyed watching gladiator fights through polished gems (who wouldn’t like to watch anything through polished gems?!) and in China the use of sunglasses can be traced back to the 12th century where they were made out of lenses that were flat panes of smoky quartz. In both cases neither of these type of sunglasses helped protect the eyes from UV rays but they did help reduce glare.

It wasn’t until 1929 that sunglasses were actually used to protect the eyes from the sun and thus became the popular fashion accessory they are today. Sam Foster introduced sunglasses to America when he started selling them on the beaches of Atlantic City and in 1939 sunglasses became polarized and more Americans began buying them as they saw movie stars and musicians wearing them as a fashion statement. Sunglasses are a cultural phenomenon, a hot fashion accessory and a necessity for long, lazy days laying on the beach or by the pool.

Sunglasses can make a statement just as much as the right handbag, a sparkly piece of jewelry or gorgeous pair of shoes. A few sunglasses trends to look for this summer include touches of wood, wicker or leather, animal patterns, sporty wrap around styles, aviator styles, colorful frames and embedded beads and crystals. As far as size goes, medium or oversized styles remain the style du jour. Click here,, to see which frames look the best on each type of face. Some of my favorite sunglass shopping sites are,, and for cheap sunglasses

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  1. Looks like this summer fashions for women are all about over sized sunglasses, but what about extreme sports sunglasses for guys?

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