Glamorous Glimmer

Setting: quaint coffee shop, anywhere USA

Characters: Hot Guy and Lipgloss Girl

The minute he sits down he notices “her” across the room sitting at a little table by the window reading a book. The sun casts a golden shine on the espresso brown loose waves of hair cascading down her back, her bangs swept to the side of away from her face with black sunglasses with double C’s that glint across the room. However, it is her lips that have totally captivated him, the softest shade of shiny, sparkly red. He is so mesmerized that he must get a closer look, so in one swift catlike movement he is up and walking her way, he leans down whispers something in her ear, she looks up from her book with an amused smile playing upon her lips and a conversation ensues.

The above scene can and will happen to you if you wear Chanel’s Levres Scintillantes Glossimer lip gloss, (I can not necessarily guarantee it will get you a hot guy, but it makes your lips look so amazing it can’t hurt!). It comes in 35 luscious shades and imparts a gorgeous shine. It is also full of fine glitter that changes the color of the gloss in the light. You just feel instantly glamorous with one swipe of the wand. Catch a little sparkle at and Your love life will thank you!

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One response to “Glamorous Glimmer

  1. Hey,
    This ‘story’ thing is so interesting!
    Chanel will be proud of you:)

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