Long and Lean

While doing research for a jean guide article I was writing I stumbled across an amazing website for those lucky ladies blessed with long legs. This website is of no use to me since I measure in at a whopping 5’4 but it is a treasure trove of clothing for the long-legged!

I learned through a few tall friends and customers at my store how frustrating it can be to shop if you are tall. As a short person I have to get everything hemmed which is annoying but is a possibility. However, if you are tall and something is too short there is absolutely nothing that can be done, you just have to walk away empty handed.

This frustration led two six foot tall sisters to open www.tallcouture.com, a hip new resource designed exclusively for tall women, with a carefully selected collection of women’s clothing. Their denim selection is great, since most of the extra long styles they offer are hard to find, look for styles from 7 for all mankind, Joe’s Jeans, Hudson, Kasil, Serfontaine and Red Engine. Check it at www.tallcouture.com.

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One response to “Long and Lean

  1. Sandra Howard

    You missed seeing luxuriouslytall.com. Better prices and a lot of different fashions for different age groups.

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