7’s for 7/7/07

I figured since it is 7/7/07 I would honor the day by blogging about what else but 7 For All Mankind. 7 For All Mankind is the denim company that started a fashion revolution when they introduced their super low rise bootcut jeans and started the mad rush of premium designer denim. Before 7’s came along we were pretty happy wearing our Silver, Lucky and Mavi jeans, never paying more than $60-$70 and always wearing them in a super casual way. But thanks to 7’s, jeans became a major must-have status symbol that we instantly began wearing with heels and dressy tops and they were soon accepted as acceptable cocktail party wear. Not to mention they raised the bar on denim prices and we were soon (and still are) paying anywhere from $150-$250 for a pair of jeans!

We can all thank 7 For All Mankind for making denim cool again and raising it to a new level of fashionable! Many have followed in 7’s footsteps but they will always hold the title as “the first” premium designer jean company and with that I pay homage to the fashion innovator that is 7 For All Mankind by asking you to check out their pretty amazing website, that you can even shop on. A few of my favorites are the very “of the moment” wide leg Ginger and Dojo jeans, the Samantha skirt in Dakota and the sleeveless ruffle blouse (who knew 7 made shirts!) Enjoy 7/7/07 and celebrate by buying a pair of 7 For All Mankind jeans, www.7forallmankind.com. I speak from experience when I say 7 For All Mankind jeans can bring you a bit of luck, if you know what I mean!

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