Cool Kicks

Kicks, sneakers, trainers, running shoes, tennies or whatever else you may call them are the ultimate comfy shoe and thanks to Puma, have become ever so fashionable. I have to admit there are days when I am a bit of a “sporty spice” and just want to throw on a comfy pair of jeans, soft t-shirt and cool pair of kicks (usually made by Puma!).

Sneakers go back a long way, actually to the late 18th century when rubber soled shoes were first introduced, however these first versions were a long way from their modern counterparts. Around 1892, the US Rubber Company came up with comfortable rubber sneakers with canvas tops, called Keds. They originally got the nickname sneakers because they were so quiet, a person wearing them could sneak up on someone. In 1917 Marquis Converse produced the first shoe made for basketball called Converse All Stars and in 1924 sneakers went worldwide with the introduction of Adidas and Puma (incidentally started by two brothers, one started Adidas and one started Puma). Nowadays sneakers have become a fashion accessory and you can even custom make your own pair at and

Puma by far makes the most fashion forward kicks, check them out at and A few pairs that I think are drool-worthy:

My brother recently wrote a funny series about sneakers in his comic Able and Baker, check it out here, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5.

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  1. Love the silver pumas. My personal fave is Converse. 🙂

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