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Fashion News Flash

Just to keep you on the cutting edge of fashion, I have a few fashion business news stories that may affect your shopping!

Liz Claiborne is cleaning out it’s closet! They just announced they are trying to sell, license or possibly discontinue altogether 16 of their 36 apparel brands. The 16 brands are Sigrid Olsen, Prana, Ellen Tracy, Dana Buchman, Mac & Jac, Kensie, Intuitions, C&C California, Enyce, Laundry, Tint, Stamp 10, First Issue, Emma James, Tapemeasure and JH Collectibles. I was a little shocked to see C&C and Laundry on the list since those are two pretty popular contemporary brands, although it could be a good thing if they are purchased by another company. Laundry has not looked great in about 2 years and it used to be one of the best fashion brands, so maybe if it is purchased by another company they can restore it to its former fashion status. If you are a fan of the super soft C&C tees and tanks you might want to stock up now because who knows what might happen to their look or quality if sold! Just goes to show nothing stays in the same in fashion!

In other fashion news Limited Brands has sold 75% ownership of its Limited stores to Sun Capital Partners Inc and 75% ownership of its Express stores to Golden Gate Capital. Limited Brands has been shifting its emphasis away from apparel (obviously, has anyone else noticed how muddled, non-cohesive and not to mention bad the merchandise has been in both Limited and Express the past few seasons!) so it can focus on its beauty (Bath and Body Works) and lingerie (Victoria’s Secret) brands. Both Limited and Express are expected to keep their names and Mr. Weiss (a retired CEO of Express) has been re-hired to run the Express brand. I suppose this could be a good thing all the way around for shoppers. You have two companies who are going to work really hard to get Limited and Express full of great merchandise we will want to buy and you also have a company who can now devote all their attention to making Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret even better than they already are!

You can click on any of the highlighted words to be linked to their respected websites.

Some images from the above mentioned companies:

Express and Limited:

Cute Tees from C&C:

Cute Dresses from Laundry:

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  1. I agree that it might be good if someone else buys Laundry. I have a gorgeous red Laundry dress from 5 years ago, but every year my interest in the new dresses has waned.

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