You know the saying, “wear your heart on your sleeve“, well you can now wear your heart and feelings on your wrist thanks to the beautiful bracelets by Jessica Kagan Cushman.

Jessica Kagan Cushman learned the ancient art of scrimshaw and has taken the art form to a new level creating scrimshaw bracelets that lie somewhere between a tattoo and a bumper sticker. She takes quotes and phrases from movies, literature and in some cases New York graffiti and transcribes them via scrimshaw onto cool bangle bracelets.

Her quotes are sweet, charming and funny and the black and white look is stunning and will add zing to any outfit. A few of my favorites are, “does this bracelet make me look fat?”, “truly fabulous people never get dressed before lunchtime” and “you’re not the boss of me!”. Check out all the different bracelets at www.ravinstyle.com and www.jessicacushman.com and show the world how you really feel!


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2 responses to “A-wrist-ocrat

  1. OMG we’re totally psychic – I was gonna do a post on Cushman later today! You mind if I still go ahead? 🙂

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