Head On

It is hot and summer heat and humidity can cause manes to frizz and silken strands to sulk. What is a fashionista to do in order to keep her hair looking good? My favorite summer hair solution is the headband because it can tame any unruly coif and add a bit of elegant sophistication to your look. Headbands come in many styles from thick to skinny and oval shaped faces look better with thicker headbands and square shaped faces are better suited for skinny headbands. Headbands can be worn close to the hair line and pouffed in the back a la Brigitte Bardot and Mischa Barton or worn with a loose wavy ponytail for a bohemian look.

My favorite headbands are the J Crew tie-silk headbands because they are the perfect medium width, are comfortable to wear and come in a great colors and prints. Plus they are currently on sale, so stock up for summer and keep your hair looking amazing just to spite the heat and humidity! Available at www.jcrew.com.

Brigitte Bardot’s stunning headband look:

The J.Crew tie-silk headbands:

I love the way Jessica Simpson is wearing her headband:



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4 responses to “Head On

  1. dianabobar

    I think the black headband will never ever go out of style!

  2. Mich

    Mischa looks like a junkie!

  3. Christine

    Ha! Yes, Mischa looks terrible. Bardot’s look is about 45 years old and I would go for that exact style any day over Mischa’s take on the headband. Classic beats trendy ;).

  4. Heather

    Headbands are so cool. The best headband you can get is an L .T. Bowdrix headband… pure silk !!

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