Endless Possibilities

What do you get when one of the world’s largest internet retailers (www.amazon.com) decides to open a shoe store website? You get www.endless.com, a huge shopping website devoted only to shoes! Endless is a mecca of shoes and is sure to waste quite of bit of your time browsing through their extensive inventory when you are supposed to be working (hey I won’t tell!). They carry many great brands like Betsey Johnson, Calvin Klein, Charles David, Delman, Issac Mizrahi, Naughty Monkey, oh deer, adidas and so many more, their selection is endless!

They are even offering to pay you to ship your order overnight, that’s right they will subtract $5 from your order and ship your shoes to your house overnight. Endless.com also offers a 365 day return policy, at any time within 365 days you can return any pair of unworn shoes for a full refund. Now that is what I call great shopping. Check it out at www.endless.com.

How cute are these shoes and bag!

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