Ace of Spades

Kate and Andy Spade have decided that they will step down from their posts as designer and chief executive officer from the company they founded together, Kate Spade. They stated that they were stepping down in order to spend more time with their daughter and traveling. Liz Claiborne Inc acquired the company in November 2006 for $124 million.

I was a little sad to hear this since Kate Spade was my first foray in the world of designer handbags. The Kate Spade black nylon Sam bag debuted in 1993 and was an instant fashion must-have and has since reached iconic status. The first time I saw the super trendy Kate Spade Sam bag I had to have one and as soon as I got one, I set about collecting Kate Spade handbags (I currently own 8), shoes (I wore Kate Spade shoes on my wedding day) and accessories (I have a Kate Spade bedspread and desperately want some of her dishes). I have always loved her classic, clean styles that were uber-preppy but oh so stylish. I hope that the new designers can follow in Kate Spade’s footsteps, they sure have some big shoes to fill! Check out the new fall collection of goodies at

The bag that started it all, Nylon Sam Bag:

Some of my favorite bags:

Some of the cutest shoes:




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3 responses to “Ace of Spades

  1. I was sad to hear of it too. I haven’t even had the heart to blog about it. EIGHT Kate Spade bags? Can you feel the envy wafting from this direction?

  2. Allie

    That’s so sad!!! I still have my first black nylon Kate Spade purse my mom gave even though I don’t carry it anymore.

  3. I still have the Kate Spade Sam as well as the matching makeup case and wallet and one of my favorite pairs of shoes are black patent leather Mary Janes by Kate Spade.

    I rarely wear/carry any of the items but I do am having a hard time parting with them. My poor Sam handbag has seen better days. 🙂

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