Get The Boot

Summer sales are winding down and fall merchandise is starting to replace tank tops with cozy sweaters and although I am not quite ready to stock up on new jeans and sweaters, I am having fun looking and compiling my list of must haves, until I spotted these Marc Jacobs boots on They are so cute and quirky that I might just have to order a pair and hang on to them until there is a chill in the air. I love the fact that they are unexpected and oh so modern and I would pair them with a knee length, higher waist, pencil skirt with a crisp, white, button down shirt and long ropes of pearl necklaces. Click on to drool over these cute boots and check out all their other new fall arrivals!


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3 responses to “Get The Boot

  1. Oooh these give me chills! Quirky and almost ugly, but so YUM!

  2. I love when fashion has a sense of humor.

  3. Nice boot. Looks like a leg warmers in Mary Janes… I likey!! ~Mix Maven~

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