Straight and Narrow

I have never been a fan of skinny leg jeans and am thrilled that wide leg jeans are the denim du jour this season. However, it can be said that straight (not skinny) leg jeans can actually flatter your figure and help elongate the leg. So if you are petite in height pair straight leg jeans with platform heels and give your legs the illusion of length and if you are blessed with long supermodel legs then straight leg jeans can do a fabulous job of rubbing in the fact just how long your legs are (I am not jealous, am I?). When straight leg jeans are done in a dark blue denim they can add to the effect of length while also being very slimming.

With that being said one of my favorite pairs of straight leg jeans are the William Rast Sadie. I know William Rast is Justin Timberlake’s denim line and I like all true fashion purists despise clothing lines made by celebrities, but there is something to said about how great these jeans look on. I recently put together a photo shoot about designer denim and I must say of all the jeans we had on set, the William Rast Sadie straight leg jeans looked the absolute best and really made me want to go out and buy a pair. The denim is the perfect color of dark blue and I loved the detail on the back pockets. So if you are feeling a bit short then invest in these jeans and let your legs do the talking! Available at

Cameron Diaz in William Rast Jeans:

Jessica Simpson in William Rast Jeans:

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