Wardrobe Tips

In order to keep your closet looking neat and tidy and to take better care of your clothing here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind courtesy of Real Simple:

Secure Straps on Hangers: Tired of your strappy camis or dresses falling off their hangers or wide neck tops slipping on to the floor of your closet? Try wrapping rubber bands around the ends of the hanger to stop your clothes from ending up on the floor.

Bubble Wrap as Jewelry Keeper: Traveling with necklaces can easily become a tangled mess if they are not packed properly and who wants to spend their trip untangling necklaces instead of enjoying their vacation?! Try rolling your necklaces in bubble wrap and securing with tape in order to keep your jewelry tangle free, plus the cushion from the bubble wrap will help protect the jewelry.

Blister Prevention: It never fails when you wear a pair of gorgeous new stilettos your feet end up paying the price of beauty with those oh so common new shoe blisters. To avoid blisters try applying Bodyglide (it is what athletes use to prevent chafing, I know that sounds gross but it really works) to the parts of your feet where your shoes rub, you can buy Bodyglide by clicking here.

Caring for your Jeans: We spend a lot of money on our denim and it should be washed properly. Jeans should be washed in warm water with no bleach. It is best to air-dry them but they can be thrown in the dryer on a low setting. In order to avoid fading wash your jeans inside out. Jeans can also be sent to the dry cleaners, this is what I do with my dressier pairs of jeans so they can be ironed with starch that helps hold their shape and avoid wrinkles.

If you love lots of cool tips and tricks on a wide range of subjects, such as beauty, fashion, home and cooking check out the book Real Simple Solutions: Tricks, Wisdom and Easy Ideas to Simplify Everyday. Available at www.amazon.com.

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  1. Great tips – I don’t think I’ll be putting anything glidy on my feet anytime soon, but the non-slip cami tip was totally for me 🙂

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