Unconventional Beauty Tip

I must say this is the most unconventional beauty tip I have ever heard, so naturally I had to try it and I am proud to say, it actually works! I read about this tip in my local newspaper and thought it sounded ridiculous but was nonetheless intrigued.

So what is this silly tip? Well, let me first explain that as the summer heat sets in for the duration, your face and makeup often feel as if they are melting and gooey, glossy lip gloss often becomes runny and yucky, but you still wants your lips to have some color, so how do you get bee-stung lips without the gooey gloss. In one word your answer would be Jell-O. Yes you read correctly, Jell-O.

First you go to the grocery store and get a box of cherry flavored Jell-O, for a whopping .62 cents (I wish my favorite Chanel lip gloss was that cheap) then you dip a wet end of a Q-tip into the Jell-O powder and apply it to your lips as you would lip gloss. Dab off some of the powder left on your lips or just lick your lips, it is Jell-O after all. Your lips are stained a subtle shade of red with a pleasant cherry flavor. Add a thin layer of chap stick and you will have red lips for a couple hours without messing with gooey lip gloss or lipstick. I know it sounds funny but it really works!


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4 responses to “Unconventional Beauty Tip

  1. Tiffany

    it does really work..i read about this on fashionista

  2. Thanks! Yours is great as well!! 🙂

  3. I can’t wait to try it.

  4. How weird and wonderful!

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