Here Comes The Sun

The last vestiges of summer clothing are being shunted to the very back and often dark corners of the stores to make room for soft, cotton candy-like cashmere, buttery velvets, rustic cords, crisp dark blue denim and woolly tweed coats. But, however cold and fall-like it may seem inside the stores there is no mistaking the fact that mother nature is in fact still in control and as far as she is concerned summer is still upon us. So do we embrace fall and play pretend that it is chilly as the retailers would have us do or do we buy a few more summery pieces just to give a little life into our over worn and desperately ready to retire summer wardrobes?

Decisions, decisions, as much as I want to buy fall clothing I just can not stomach the idea of trying on coats when I know I will sweat like a pregnant nun carrying that bag with a new fall coat in it out to my car because the sun will no doubt be casting it’s 100 degree rays on me, so I suppose I will just have to wait until it is a bit cooler outside to be in the mood to buy something new!

However, all that changed when I laid eyes upon the Zig Zag Print Dress in yellow by A Common Thread. I realized it was the perfect solution for my desire to buy something new, it was definitely a buy now wear now dress, made of soft, airy silk in a bright color and pattern that would look great casual or dressy. I also love the fact that I can layer a cashmere wrap sweater around it when fall arrives and pair it with flat knee high boots. Not to mention the bright yellow will add a bit of life to my closet and look great with tan. Check it out at


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3 responses to “Here Comes The Sun

  1. emmaburg

    I am definitely having the same problem. I see and have bought all these beautiful new fall clothes, but cannot bear to wear them yet. It’s too freaking hot!

    The dress is adorable though!

  2. Absolutely! Nothing like silk in these hot temperatures, and I think it will look super cute with a cardigan in the fall 🙂

  3. I love the dress. But I have to say the way that hem is laying on the model makes me want to run away from it. Why is that little details like that are overlooked when they are photographing the clothes? It’s not like they have to develop the film to see the problem. It’s probably just me. Being a home sewer has made me very picky, probably too picky.

    I agree about the fall shopping. I want to do it, but it is too hot. I’ll be shopping in October again.

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