Cognac Vanilla Limon

I am totally obsessed with the new scent by Caldrea, Cognac Vanilla Limon. It is the perfect blend of vanilla with a butterscotch/hazelnut creaminess paired with zesty limon that provides a tropical offset for the sweet richness of cognac cream. It is pure heaven, the warm cognac vanilla reminds me of fall but the touch of limon keeps it light and zesty, perfect to use now when fall is nipping at the heels of summer. I purchased this dreamy scent in the countertop cleanser and the candle, but you can also buy the Cognac Vanilla Limon scent in a dish soap, hand soap, hand lotion and room fragrance. All equally as yummy!

For those of you who are not familiar with Caldrea’s products, I suggest you get yourself to your nearest hip gift shop or kitchen store or visit and buy some of the best cleaning products you will ever use. Caldrea makes aromatherapeutic cleaning supplies that are free of harsh chemicals, formulated with plant based extracts and contain the finest essential oils. All the products smell so good you almost don’t mind cleaning and anything that can make cleaning pleasant is a good thing! Go ahead fill your home with this delicious scent! Available at and

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