Not White Now

Labor Day is the official end to summer and also the official end to carrying a white purse and wearing white shoes. I love this right of passage when I put my white purse in its dust cover and call my husband and borrow his long arms to reach into the top depths of my closet and swap out my white purse for one of my most prized fashion possessions. This prized fashion possession would be my Louis Vuitton Speedy purse, as he lifts it down to me I can feel the excitement building inside of me.

As my fingers clasp the soft caramel colored bag where it resides in the hot summer months, I begin to gently untie and open the dust cover and a wide smile spreads across my face as I see the dark espresso colored leather with the caramel LV’s come into focus. I clasp the handles which have darkened with time and use and immediately begin filling it, eager to begin yet another season carrying this glorious bag.

There is something about the Louis Vuitton Speedy that easily makes it my favorite purse, I just can not quite put my finger on it. I suppose it is a combination of many things, the feel of the thick leather handles in my hands, the way I stand a bit straighter when I carry it, the fact that I can stuff it ridiculously full (I call it my Mary Poppins bag, because it will hold anything) and that its design is so perfect it has had virtually no changes since it was first introduced nearly 75 years ago. So it is with great excitement I welcome fall with my Speedy in hand. Check out the Louis Vuitton Speedy at and at

The iconic Louis Vuitton Speedy:

This is on my someday wish list, the Louis Vuitton Manhattan:


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2 responses to “Not White Now

  1. coollikeme

    Cool bags

  2. Actually, this fall is about the first time when a white bag is actually a fashion “Do” after Labor Day, white being one of the main colors (if white can really be called a color). Despite my efforts, though, I’m too old-fashioned and I switched to a green fall purse. Still looking for the perfect blue one.

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