Designer Denim Guide: The Perfect Jeans for Curvy Gals

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A lot of designer denim is designed for straight figures but there are some amazing jeans out there for curvy girls. Look for jeans that are contoured on the top so they don’t gape at the waist and give you more room through the hips and bottom. Stick to jeans with a slight flare to keep things in balance and avoid skinny styles.

The best jeans that work with your curves and not against them are :

Joe’s Jeans Honey: The Honey is Joe’s Jeans booty fit, it is contoured at the waist and is fuller through the hips and bottom so it just hugs your curves perfectly. If jeans usually gape at your waist then the Honey will eliminate the gape and fit you perfectly. Available at, and

Paige Premium Denim Hollywood Hills and Hidden Hills Jeans: They have a classic bootcut fit with a slightly higher rise and work wonderfully with curves. Available at

AG’s Club Jean and Jessie Jean: The Club are Oprah’s favorite jeans, that pretty much says it all! The Jessie is a curvy bootfit made for hourglass figures, curve hugging and sexy. Available at

Juicy Couture Jeans: Your bum will say “I heart Juicy” when you pull on these snug beauties! Available at

Stay tuned for my next post The Perfect Jeans for Athletic Figures and Fuller Thighs and if you have missed the posts on The Perfect Jeans for Tall Gals click here, The Perfect Jeans for Petite Gals click here, The Perfect Jeans for Slim or Straight Gals click here and The Perfect Jeans for a Flat Bottom click here.



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13 responses to “Designer Denim Guide: The Perfect Jeans for Curvy Gals

  1. wow those wide leg jeans u’ve shown are gorgeous!!! these are def a girl’s dreams!!

  2. I’m a white girl with a booty. Believe me, I have to laugh when I look at the jeans in Victoria’s, because they have a butt lifter. The girls that by those must be flat! At least they make jeans for the rest of us too..

    • Juliet

      well, me too, white girl with a… boo-tay!

      These days it’s not easy to find a pair of jeans, because I’m large in hips, big butt, but the rest is skinny.

  3. Good material and look forward to your upcoming article on jeans for athletic body types.

  4. Kate

    I’m confused..if these are jeans for “curvy” girls, why are the models definitely NOT curvy??

    • Kate,

      its because these jeans and this article are not meant for real curvy women, its meant for flat-butt gals like the models to make a them feel like they have some junk in the trunk… it kinda like reverse psychology in naming.. But isnt so much fashion about self-deception?


  5. clotheshorseok

    The models many online stores use are not “curvy” but trust me when I say these jeans are great for curvy figures. I did an extensive amount of research and worked with curvy girls to find out which brands fit them the best.

  6. julia

    hello! skinnyjeans fits my body perfectly! i love love love them!

  7. sarah

    I’ve always gone for deisel jeans as they fit my bum and dont leave a gaping waistband as the actually curve up to my waist. Im always looking for alternatives! Can you recommend a high waisted pair for a girl with booty?

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