Cuff It Up

There is nothing like any indian summer to really make you tired of your summer clothes, especially when you are yearning to wear new fall clothes and old favorites (in my case my Vince cashmere sweaters and comfy Joe’s Jeans). So, in order to freshen up my look I had two choices, go ahead and wear fall clothes and be hot or try to freshen up my summer clothes with some fun accessories.

I looked on the bright side and decided to look at the positives of still wearing short sleeves, which came out to be that you can add fun bracelets and cuffs to your wrist to change up your look. The wrist is one of the most delicate parts of the female body and why not draw attention to it with a great cuff bracelet. Just remember if you wear a big cuff to keep your other jewelry simple or just wear the cuff by itself. So go ahead and cuff it up with a few of my favorite cuffs. Who knew a bold accessory could make such a statement?

I love these cuffs from Sparkling Sage, bold, daring and sexy. Available at

I love the bold color of this cuff. Available at

A few of my favorites from


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  1. I love love love love love cuffs. I’ve found that you can get brilliant deals on cuff bracelets on eBay. I bought two from China, which took a few weeks to arrive, but I got them at ridiculous prices, so I didn’t mind. These are gorgeous, hard to pick a favorite. Maybe the hammered gold one 🙂

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