Back To The Basics

I have always been a huge fan of Gap and have been rooting for them during their turbulent years, albeit in spirit as opposed to using my credit card, because lets just admit it their clothes were completely off mark. But I feel that maybe the tides have turned because it looks like Gap has gone back to its roots by making extremely wearable and covetable basics with a bit of a fashion twist.

Gap just spent all summer remodeling two of its store in my city and they finally opened this weekend and to say I was impressed was an understatement. The inside of the stores are modern and clean yet warm and cozy and extremely inviting. They make a great neutral background for their offering of fall clothes. For the first time in many seasons I actually had my arms completely full and overflowing with items I wanted to try on, great wide leg pants, trouser jeans, comfy tees, casual dresses and cozy sweaters, all the basic items that I wear every day with my more contemporary fashion pieces. I am happy to say that Gap may well be on its way again! Next time you pass a Gap, don’t keep walking, stop and enjoy a stroll through memory lane!

In other Gap news, Todd Oldham has been hired by Old Navy as their creative director. Click here to read the whole story.

A few of my favorite things from Gap:


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2 responses to “Back To The Basics

  1. Rubydarling

    I love that black wrap jacket, second last pic. I’m so disappointed we don’t have Gap in Australia. I wonder if they have any plans for that ? Guess I’ll have to wait till I get to the UK next.
    PS I always find your Blog a great read.

  2. Yeah I’m glad Gap is making a comeback. Nice picks 🙂

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