A Bit of Frosting

We have all had those moments (more times than I can count), when you spend a good chunk of the morning hitting the snooze on your alarm, only to finally roll over and realize you now have about 10 minutes to get ready before you have to rush off to work.

On these days in particular I have a fail safe, got to plan, that helps me look pulled together in 2 minutes flat. Its starts with easy basics, particularly in black, my favorite combos are white button down shirt paired with black pants or black 3/4 sleeve tee and black pencil skirt, then I add my basic black pumps or my red patent leather peep toes, if I am feeling sassy and last but not least, the most important thing, I add a great piece of statement jewelry. Or as I like to call it a bit of frosting to spice up my plain, thrown together in two minutes, but I still have some sense of style, I am so going to be late to work look.

Lucky for me and my tendency to sleep in, I have discovered a gem of a jewelry designer, whose jewelry looks like pieces of art and they all will add some frosting to my basics. This amazing jewelry designer is Robyn Rhodes and you can buy her designs at www.robynrhodes.com. All her pieces are sure to make your thrown together outfits look like you put a lot of thought into your look!


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One response to “A Bit of Frosting

  1. Heh, when I first read the post title I thought, “Yay, cup cakes!” (Never browse blogs hungry, good advice). I love that elephant/lucky coin necklace.

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