Take The Chill Off

I am dreaming of cozy cashmere sweaters, can you tell I love cold weather and fall clothes? I particularly love cashmere and while I have my favorite brands, I am always thrilled to find a new one.

I recently discovered a gorgeous line of cashmere sweaters called b. chyll and what I particularly love about them is that they are extremely simple yet modern and oh so wearable for seasons to come. They look trendy but not so trendy that you couldn’t wear them for as long as they last which, is a good thing when you spend that much money on cashmere. Their cashmere is super soft, lightweight and fluffy, the perfect item to take the chill off on those frosty days! Check out their website at www.bchyll.com and you can shop for them at www.sweater.com.



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2 responses to “Take The Chill Off

  1. Ooh I love both the bottom ones 🙂

  2. jx

    I love these. The type of sweater you can just cozy up in. I love b. chyll. I just saw that hautelook.com is having a sample sale on this line tomorrow. This site is amazing if you haven’t tried it yet. They have a webzine, giveaways and deals up to 70% off on a lot of my favorite high end designers. You don’t need an invite to join either, anyone can just sign up.

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