Un-Bridal-ed Creativity

There are some amazingly creative people in this world and when there is a bride-to-be involved there is no end to where they can channel that creativity. Cheap Chic Weddings.com actually came up with a great contest that just shows how imaginative brides-to-be could actually be, especially when tempted with a cash prize.

Every year http://www.cheap-chic-weddings.com has a Toilet Paper Wedding Dress contest, where brides send in pictures of wedding dresses they have created out of toilet paper and the bride with the best dress gets a $500 prize. The toilet paper dresses these women have created actually look like real dresses and are incredibly creative and fashionable. You can see all pics at www-cheap-chic-weddings.com. Just goes to show there is a designer in us all!

Here are some of the best dresses:


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2 responses to “Un-Bridal-ed Creativity

  1. i like the third one , it has the decency!

  2. It’s amazing how creative people can be! That said, I would only wear the first two dresses. But I know I couldn’t manage to make a dress out of toilet paper myself. Mad!

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