Red Lips

I have always admired those women who are confident enough to wear red lipstick. You know those women, polished, perfect hair, glowing skin, pulled together outfit and deep red lips. They always look so chic, as if they have never had a bad hair day, a run in their pantyhose or God forbid a heartbreak. But as you know with age comes wisdom and I have realized that although they may look perfect, that is not always the case.

So, as I am getting closer to the big 3-0, mind you I have 1 more year to go before I reach the dreaded 20+10, I have decided to begin trying all those things I thought I was too young or scared to pull off. I started simple, with buying and wearing full on red lips. I am happy to report I have found the perfect red lipsticks and totally love my new scarlet lips. Red lips make your skin more luminous, your teeth look whiter, your hair more polished and your eyes a deeper shade.

The best shades of red lipstick:

Clinique Different Lipstick in Angel Red: apparently it was the shade Nicole Kidman wore in Moulin Rouge, available at

MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo (a vivid bluish red) and Russian Red (intense bluish red): these lipsticks are the perfect matte red that have real staying power, available at


Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Color in Lover: a cult classic, true Coco Chanel style, available at

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  1. I have a little tiny sample of Clinique’s Angel Red and I love it. I’m going to have to buy a full tube.

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