What A Stud!

The weekend is quickly approaching and I am having a hard time working! So as I sit here and shop online to pass the time, I have stumbled upon a super cute top, that just may have to join the ranks of faceless other tops in my overstuffed closet. It was too cute not to share!

This off the shoulder t-shirt, by Cecilia De Bucourt has an extra kick of sexy with its metal studded detailing that provides just the right amount of weight to pull the top seductively (but not sleazily) off the shoulder. There is also a fabric tie on the upper back of the tee, so you can adjust it to sit on your shoulders or slip gracefully off to one side. Perfect paired with dark jeans and black boots! Even Heidi Klum is a fan! Available at www.intermixonline.com and check out other items by Cecilia De Bucourt at www.ceciliadebucourt.com.

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