Pretty in Pink

If Pretty in Pink was filmed today I am pretty sure Molly Ringwald’s character Andie Walsh would definitely be sporting these peep-toe pumps by Beverly Feldman. Pretty in Pink was on the cutting edge of 80’s fashion, funky but feminine and a movie that spoke to a whole generation, if you have never seen it then I highly recommend you rent it and you can read more about it at

Back to the shoes, these fashion forward polka dot peep-toes will provide a feminine touch to any outfit. I love the soft pale pink color punctuated with whimsical black polka dots and trimmed with patent leather. The pleated organza adds a sophisticated edge and makes them look way more expensive than they are. Go ahead treat yourself especially when Zappos is offering free overnight shipping! Available at and


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  1. I love pink shoes. Those are so cute.

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