Get Swingin

As cooler weather starts to seep in from Canada and places farther north, it is time to start adding jackets to your everyday wardrobe. I am particularly fond of swing jackets because these loose fitting jackets have simple lines and float away from the the waist which compliments any body type. Remember to pair a fuller jacket with a narrow skirt or fitted pants or jeans to keep you from looking full everywhere.

Pair your swing jacket with a tee or a tank or wear a long sleeve tee with a 3/4 sleeve jacket for a layered look. This super cute textured 3/4 sleeve wool jacket from Ann Taylor is an absolute must have for any wardrobe. It looks a bit like Chanel, especially since the lining is a black and white floral print, and it looks amazing with everything from jeans to skirts. It is also classic enough to be worn season after season and can be made to look funky and edgy or sweet and ladylike. Available at

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