Give Thanks for Tory Burch

Since Thanksgiving is this week, I thought I would show you some outfits that would be perfect for any Thanksgiving get together. So if your Thanksgiving is a dressy formal affair or a casual laid-back party then tune in this week to see great outfits to get you through this family and food filled holiday in style!

You just have to give thanks to Tory Burch, she has made clothing that is practical, classic, always appropriate and still very stylish. So many designers forget that normal people wear most of the clothes they design and sometimes the stuff they design for us to wear is just not appropriate for all events or even looks good on most people and it is refreshing to see when a designer really makes wearable clothes like Tory Burch.

Tory Burch’s Nerissa Dress would be perfect for a dressy-casual Thanksgiving dinner, something that is fashionable but will still put a smile on your mom’s face. Plus it’s loose fit will guarantee your comfort after a big meal! Pair this printed dress with black tights, I like the Spanx Two-Timin Tights because they are reversible, one side black and one side brown, and the Tory Burch patent leather wedges. Dress available at and and shoes available at


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  1. Happy Birthday, sister of Jim Burgess! Also – great blog!

    Exclamation points = emphatic!

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