Get Your Plaid On

Plaid was one of those big fall trends that I did not necessarily embrace, I suppose my indifference to plaid has something to do with the fact that I wore a plaid skirt as part of my school uniform and I feel like I had filled my plaid wearing quota, until I laid my eyes upon these gorgeous tartan inspired peep toes from J.Crew.  Maybe it is the modern peep-toe silhouette that makes them sexy and feminine or the black velvet ribbon and rhinestone buckle or the fact that a cheerful and cozy red tartan fabric was used on a pair of super chic heels, a bit unexpected yet familiar all wrapped up in elegant. Available at



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5 responses to “Get Your Plaid On

  1. I spent age 6-13 in navy blue plaid. Ugh. But those shoes are cute.

  2. Would it be just-festive-enough or ridiculously kitsch to wear those for Christmas? I can’t decide…


  3. clotheshorseok

    I think they would be cute to wear for Christmas!

  4. If you’d just described them to me, I wouldn’t be keen but seeing the picture – well, I love them!


  5. gorgeous pair and so red! love it! =)

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