Cheap Trick Tees

It never fails that when I go to Super Target to grocery shop my cart starts pulling me towards the clothing section when I should really be concentrating on the fruit and vegetable area and amazingly enough I always find at least one thing I am sure I need and at those prices it is well worth it!

I have found that Target can be a great source of cute, inexpensive tees, many of the styles look similar to Zooey and Velvet tees but at a much cheaper price. Obviously the quality and the softness of the fabric does not compare to Zooey or Velvet and they will not wash up as well but at an average price of $9-$15 you just can’t go wrong. Your closet is always in need of great casual tees to throw on over jeans, comfy pants or under a cute jacket. Check out their selection at your local Target or at

Mossimo white three-quarter sleeve henley with eyelet detail, the long lean fit is very slenderizing and the white is bright and cheery for winter.

Mossimo stripe hoody makes a perfect casual weekend tee.

Mossimo printed boatneck long sleeve tunic would look chic under a velvet or corduroy blazer.

Vintage Free floral short sleeve tee would look cool layered with a black button down tee or worn with a black swing jacket.



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  1. Gah, I must be the only person who hasn’t been to Target in a long time. Putting Target on my must-do list right now!

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