Cheap Trick Jeans

Hello Old Friends! I am back blogging after a weeks rest enjoying all the frivolities of the holidays! I am ready to get back to providing you with your daily dose of fashion and shopping info. So without further ado lets jump head first into the wonderful world of fashion and shopping!

My brother came into town to visit during the holidays and since he usually only shops when he comes home, it was only natural that my mom and I took him to the local mall to stock up. Since he was in dire need of new jeans we stopped off at The Buckle and in between helping him find the perfect jeans I had to take a sneak peek around for myself. Now I love my designer denim jeans as much as the next fashionista, but sometimes it is just hard to pay that much for a pair of jeans so I figured trying a few pairs on at The Buckle couldn’t hurt. To my surprise and delight I discovered a great pair of jeans that I have fallen in love with and added to my collection of denim.

The very helpful salesperson suggested I try on a pair of Big Star jeans, in particular the Maddie style and from the moment I pulled them on, I was in love. The denim was super soft with a bit of stretch but rigid enough to hold their shape. The rise was just perfect not too low, not too high and the leg was fitted with a slight flare, elongating the leg and balancing out my curves. Plus, they are sized by waist and length measurement so I was able to actually wear them as soon as I bought them and not have to wait to have them hemmed.

Big Star jeans are also very affordable without chintzing on the quality, you can buy two pairs for the price on one pair of designer jeans. The true test came when I wore them that night and they remained very comfortable, stretching just a bit in the thighs but not in the waist plus they also rendered a few compliments, not bad for a pair of jeans. Available at The Buckle and

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